Seasonal  Handmade  Delicious

Please see blackboard for todays flavours

(NB this is our Winter weekend menu. We will be taking a short winter break from the 5th to the 16th of August) 

Ale bread, salty butter  $6

Oysters, shucked to order, shallot vinaigrette  $MP

MoVida sardinillas in the tin with lemon, pickled fennel & ale bread  $15

Fried treats with some  saucy goodness  $16

House terrine with pickles,chutney, ale bread and a little salad  $18.50

Mixed warm olives, good salami, pickles & ale bread  $24.50

Seasonal soup with bread and butter  $15

A fancy sanga, changing regularly, on our own bread  $16.50

House made,hand cut pasta with some delicious stuff  $28.50

Hopefully there's a fun special $MP

Pimped ploughman’s with house terrine, smoked fish, pickled occie,  fancy ham, aged cheddar, relish, dressed leaves, olives  pickles, bread & butter  $64.50

Local and imported cheese with our lavosh,relish/fruit paste  $15ea