Vanessa Bagot

Vanessa manages all aspects of the business. She was born and raised on the West & North West Coasts of Tasmania, after graduating from the University of Tasmania (in Psychology) she moved to Sydney where she met Neville (once she realized he was among the rarest of things at the time, an AFL supporter in Sydney, she knew to never let him go).  The couple have 3 teenage children.  Vanessa has a Master of Commerce from the University of Sydney (Marketing) and spent most of her career working in Market Research.  Vanessa is now studying for a Bachelor of Viticulture.  Vanessa loves to be active and despite her advancing years is a keen runner and plays both soccer and futsal.

Neville Bagot

Neville has great passion for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, mainly in the drinking of it.  He provides wise council to his beloved wife who may on occasion have issues with panicking & indecisiveness.  Nev was born in South Africa but settled in Sydney at 12 years of age, having also lived in Botswana and Canada.  Canada remains his favourite holiday destination, and skiing his favourite pastime. Neville is a Management Consultant having started his career at Arthur Andersen and having his own firm for the past 10 years.